Web user interface


  • Home - customizable widget layout
  • Queue - listing of pending/active/finished items that are being downloaded on disk
  • Search - search files/directories from all users that are currently connected to the same hubs
  • Transfers - listing of individual download/upload connections
  • Favorite hubs - save hubs with possible custom settings (username, password, share profile etc.)
  • Share - add and edit directories that are being shared to other users
  • Settings - edit/view application/UI settings
  • Logout - disconnect the current browser session (the application itself won’t be stopped)
  • Hubs - listing of open hub sessions (chat and userlist of each open hub) and
  • Messages - listing of private messages
  • Filelists - listing of open users’ filelist
  • Files - listing of files that are currently open (text/sound/picture/video files)
  • Events - listing of information/warning/error messages
Speed/size indicators
  • Total size of download queue
  • Hash speed
  • Upload/download speed

Only items with non-zero values are being displayed

Toggler icons
  • Away state indicator/toggler