Portable Linux binaries


Current application version: 2.11.4 (Web UI 2.11.5)

Note: the ARM binary is compatible with ARMv7 and newer architectures only.

Older versions can be downloaded from the build archive.


Unpack the downloaded archive and run the following terminal commands inside the extracted directory:

Initial configuration wizard

./airdcppd --configure

Launch normally


Nightly builds

Nightly build archive

Cross-compiling for other architectures

If you want to cross-compile your own portable binaries for a custom architecture, see the compiling instructions for Buildroot.

Migration from non-portable builds

Portable builds will save all settings under the application directory by default, while non-portable versions generally save settings in the user’s home directory.

To make the application use your existing settings directory:

  1. Rename dcppboot.xml to dcppboot.xml.user
  2. Open the file and change the ConfigPath tag to <ConfigPath>%[HOME]/.airdc++/</ConfigPath>

If you want to have the settings inside the application directory instead, you may create a directory named config and move your settings there.