Configuration directory location

The configuration directory location is customizable.

Default configuration location

Portable builds

As the installation is meant to be portable, also the config files are stored inside the application directory by default. The name of the configuration directory is config.

Standard installation


Using custom location

Portable builds

Rename the file dcppboot.xml that is located next to the application binary to dcppboot.xml.user so that it won’t be overwritten with the defaults when the application is being updated. You can then edit the file as needed.

Standard installation

Put the file dcppboot.xml inside the directory CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_SYSCONFDIR/airdcpp/ (/usr/local/etc/airdcpp/ by default for self-compiled builds).

Example content of dcppboot.xml:

    ConfigPath specifies where settings, queue and other runtime data should be saved.
    You may use the following variables, which are interpreted on a per-user basis:

    %[HOME] - User's home directory, typically /home/<username>/

    All % variables from strftime with the current time: