AirDC++ 4.20 for Windows


API and Web UI changes:


  • Report certain incorrectly forwarded ADC protocol messages
  • Add a new hublist server (
  • New language: Ukrainian
  • Add extension support in chat views (highlights and context menu items)


  • Discussion forum and issue tracker links now point to Github
  • Put extension context menu items under an extension-specific submenu in if there are more than two menu items
  • Improve logging of partial filelist transfers
  • Disable maximum size for shared files when using the RAR profile
  • Update Node.js to version 18.15.0


  • Fix a filelist-related crash (LP#1944724)
  • Fix saving of web server settings (LP#1950519)
  • Remove additional waiting time when using “Find and view NFO” and no results are found
  • Don’t clear user commands when attempting to connect to a hub that is open already (LP#1981763))
  • SOCKS5: don’t fail if the proxy server doesn’t send any port for regular connect attempts
  • Remove non-existing commands from /help
  • Don’t ignore filenames containing semicolons in SFV files


  • The “Search sites” feature has been replaced with an extension (must be installed manually)
  • Remove warnings for old LuaDCH hubsoft version
  • Removed an inaccessible hublist server address

Note that existing AirDC++ users should use the inbuilt updating function (File -> Update check).