Web Client 2.12.1



  • Use a submenu for extension context menu items when there is more than one item to show
  • Add types for chat status messages to allow different formatting/caching behavior
  • Prevent UI table filters from getting out of sync with the backend (fixes filter issues in search and filelists)
  • Add “verbose” status message severity

Web Client 2.12.1

  • Fix an encoding issue that breaks fetching of cached hub messages in NMDC hubs in some cases

Web Client 2.12.0

  • Add flood limits for incoming and outgoing connect requests to avoid crashes in case of severe flood (#450)
  • Fix transfer connections not being created in some cases when download sources are added (#447)
  • Fix a missing error message when connecting to an NMDC hub and the nick is taken (affects mostly hubs running on Ptokax)
  • Fix an additional whitespace being added after user nicks in some cases
  • API: allow chat status messages to be sent to a specific UI instance
  • API: add an API method for listing hook subscribers
  • API: add dupe information for files/directories in own filelist
  • Build: fix build warnings with the latest Clang version

Web UI 2.12.0

  • Use darker color for directory dupes in message views
  • Fix unread private message counts being displayed incorrectly in some cases
  • Style fixes