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Running a hub

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AirDC++ has been designed to work with the ADC protocol, so it's highly recommend to use an ADC hubsoft to take advantage of various useful client features (e.g. share profiles, multiple per-user connections and IPv6).


ADC hubsofts


A multi-platform hubsoft that ships with relatively many features. Allows running Ptokax scripts through a bridge script.

Custom version of ADCH++ with hybrid IPv4/IPv6 support

In order to allow hybrid IPv4/IPv6 client-client connections as supported by AirDC++, you need to run an extended version of ADCH++. Note that the hub server needs to have IPv6 connectivity available for the feature to work.

Download the hybrid version of ADCH++...

Last update: 18.10.2020

Windows (64-bit)

See the ADCH++ guides for information about using the hubsoft. To make the hubsoft perform authentication for both protocols, you need to specify "HubAddress4" and "HubAddress6" attributes in the file "config/adchpp.xml" (there is more information available in the XML file).


Contains lots of inbuilt features and is available for multiple operating systems. Contains support for the NMDC protocol as well. No encryption support on Windows, no scipting API. High resource usage.


A hubsoft with relatively many native LUA scripts available. Available for multiple operating systems.


A high-performance hubsoft for Unix-like operating systems. Offers significantly less features than the other ones.


NMDC hubsofts

See the Wikipedia arcticle for information about the available hubsofts

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