Web Client 2.11.3


Web Client 2.11.3

  • Fix UTF-8 conversion in NMDC CTM NAT traversal reverse reply (airdcpp-windows#66)
  • Report certain incorrectly forwarded ADC protocol messages
  • Remove warnings for old LuaDCH version
  • Disable maximum size for shared files when using the RAR profile
  • Don’t ignore filenames containing semicolons in SFV files (#424)
  • SOCKS5: don’t fail if the proxy server doesn’t send any port for regular connect attempts
  • Filelist API: fix crashes when submitting directory paths without the trailing slash
  • Build: fix deprecation warnings with the latest OpenSSL version
  • Build: fix a build error on ARM macOS
  • Build: define HAVE_POSIX_FADVISE correctly (#425)
  • Portable builds: build with Buildroot 2022.02

Web UI 2.11.4

  • New notifications library
  • Add missing dupe coloring for chat highlights (#431)
  • Fix visual artifacts while the sidebar is being opened
  • Search options: fix a crash when loading previously set size limits
  • Search options: remember the previously selected hubs even after visiting other pages
  • Update dependencies
  • Set a matching tab bar color when using Safari 15