Web Client 2.11.1


It’s recommended to refresh your share after upgrading in order to clean up possible share directories/files with invalid name that may have been shared by previous version. This will help to avoid possible crashes and other unexpected issues in future.


Web Client 2.11.1

  • Portable builds: improve performance for encrypted transfers when using a CPU that supports AES instruction set (buildroot issue #13751)
  • Fix crashes and other issues caused by local files with non-valid UTF-8 names (#382)
  • Fix saving of the port configuration when running the initial configuration wizard (#391)
  • Fix filelist-related crashes
  • Fix a crash when stopping extensions that have performed searches
  • Remove code references to the ADL search feature (#381)
  • Print a better error message when updating the country database fails
  • Fix interception warnings when hubs are blocking direct private messages (shown only when messaging with other AirDC++ users)

Web UI 2.11.1

  • Fix various keyboard events when using numpad keys (PR #18)