Web Client 2.11.0

Improved transfer speeds

Version 2.11.0 allows the operating system to optimize socket buffer sizes, which multiplies per-connect speeds in many cases. Especially transfer speeds between users that have long physical distance between them will be increased.

Note that you will generally not see any speed improvements with people using previous versions of AirDC++.

New settings format

The new version will use JSON format for saving the web server configuration. Your old settings will be migrated automatically to the new format. WebServer.xml.bak file will be left in place, which can be safely removed.

More reliable extensions

Extensions are now less likely exit due to a timeout when the system is under heavy load. If you still see timeouts, you may increase the socket ping timeout from the Web UI (Settings -> System -> Advanced server settings).



Web Client 2.11.0

  • Migrate web server config files to JSON format (web-server.json and web-users.json). Previous application versions can’t read the new setting files.
  • Let the operating system set the optimal socket write/read buffer sizes by default (can multiply per-connection transfer speeds with faster connections)
  • Avoid slowing down other system operations by not filling operating system’s file cache with the hashed files (L#1909861)
  • Improve hashing speed by increasing the read buffer from 256 kilobytes to 1024 kilobytes (L#1909861)
  • Increase the default file write buffer from 64 kilobytes to 256 kilobytes (reduces resource usage of the airdcpp-share-monitor extension while downloading to a monitored directory)
  • Fix socket timeout and ping settings not being saved in the config file
  • Don’t store plain text user passwords in the setting file (#348)
  • Fix inconsistencies with filelist transfer logging
  • Avoid restart failures for timed out extensions by waiting for a few seconds before the restart
  • Pass application process ID to the extensions (extensions can use it to monitor that the application process is alive)
  • Setting API: allow getting/setting the default setting values
  • Queue API: allow bundle add hook to change the bundle priority and target directory
  • Queue API: allow file add hook to change the file priority
  • Queue API: add check_path_queued method
  • Hash API: add rename_path method that can be used to avoid rehashing files that have been moved to a different location (#4)

Web UI 2.11.0

  • Add setting for filelist transfer logging
  • Re-add autofocus for the nick input field when opening filelist/private message sessions
  • Fix an incorrect input field value when renaming the default share profile
  • Trim search queries (#368)
  • Fix search size limit fields when the application language is not set to English
  • Add various settings for buffer sizes and compression