Web Client 2.10.1

This release only includes bug fixes for the application daemon, 2.10.0 is still the latest available UI version.


Web Client 2.10.1

This version will no longer use memory mapping for hashed files, resulting in the following fixes/improvements:

  • Fix possible crashes in case of file read errors when using multiple threads for hashing
  • Improve hashing speed (~10% faster on the test system)
  • Enable clang builds on Linux (bugs.gentoo.org/731676)

Other fixes:

  • Fix a crash in case of hub redirections
  • Search API: fix listing of search results with identical relevancies
  • Filelist API: wait for the module view item list to get initialized instead of throwing an instant error when fetching items (fixes possible error notifications with the airdcpp-search-sites extension when accessing the filelist item context menu)
  • API: improve the returned error messages