Web Client 2.10.0



  • Add labels for event log messages

Web Client 2.10.0

  • Enable automatic updates for installed extensions
  • Don’t wait until the current file has completed when stopping hashing
  • Fix incorrect TTH data being added in hash store when shutting down while hashing is in progress
  • Fix a possible crash when removing root paths from share
  • Fix application freezing on shutdown after running unmanaged extensions
  • Fix issues with determining whether web server settings are using their default values
  • Remove support for migrating hash databases from DC++ (or other compatible applications)
  • Allow waiting for extensions to finish loading on startup before performing hook-related actions or connecting to hooks (fixes bundle validation hooks not being run on startup when using the release validator extension)
  • Fix issues with launching of extensions if the bind address is set to or ::
  • Add possible units in server server setting item titles
  • Add a note in the event log if the extension was started in debug mode
  • Various error reporting improvements for extensions
  • Fix fetching the list of downloaded files for partial bundle sharing
  • Create backup of the previous log files when starting an extension
  • Add support for blocking harmful extensions remotely
  • Save application identifier in the settings file for more reliable future settings migration
  • Improve handling of directory download errors
  • Ensure that the oldest child result date is shown in the search result table
  • Allow setting a custom temp file path via dcppboot.xml (#316)
  • Build: require GCC 7 or newer for compiling the application
  • Build: fix print printing of websocketpp header path in the cmake output (#376)

  • Share API: better reporting for refresh path validation errors
  • Share API: add a new endpoint for checking whether a path is shared
  • Share API: allow adding temp shared items without hub_url, allow using own CID for the cid argument
  • Queue API: add new validation hooks (queue_add_source_hook, queue_add_directory_bundle_hook, queue_add_bundle_file_hook)
  • Filelist API: allow disabling bundle error logging when downloading directories from filelist

Web UI 2.10.0

  • Don’t set sessions as read if the user hasn’t performed any activity in a while or the tab has no focus
  • Re-add Clear in the hub context menu
  • Fix styling of third person chat messages
  • Fix HTTP download issues when the UI is accessed via a proxy that has authentication enabled
  • Fix a crash when parsing invalid chat magnet links
  • Show the bundle target path in bundle-related dialogs (it wasn’t shown anywhere before)
  • Make the search options form more compact to avoid issues when there’s a large number of connected hubs (#373)