Web Client 2.9.0

AirDC++ Web Client 2.9.0 brings various new features, such as messages highlights (can also be added by extensions), new hub chat message notifications, better hash and refresh controls and new home widget for information about recently updated extensions.

New API features

Extension are now able to add context menu items that open external web links. They are also able to define a form that will be shown when clicking a context menu item to request custom user input that can then be used by the extension when handling the click event. There are also new form field types that can be used for user, hub or file selection.

Extensions will also be able to add custom highlights/links for all chat and status messages, and it’s even possible to show custom context menu items when the user clicks the highlighted text.

The share refresh API has also been greatly improved, and it’s now possible to list and manage the refresh tasks. There’s a new extension (airdcpp-advanced-sharing) that takes advantage of many of the new API features (for example, it allows stopping the share refresh after a configured amount of bytes have been added for hashing and resume the refresh after all of them have finished hashing).

Other feature highlights

Extension releases widget

There’s a widget that allows you to easily see the latest extension releases/updates directly from the home screen.

Extension releases widget

Hash progress dialog

You will see more detailed information about the hashing progress and it’s possible to pause/stop the hashing operation.

Hash dialog

Search sites extension

New extension is now available that allows you to add custom context menu to perform web searches for search results, filelist items, queued bundles and chat message highlights.

Search sites extension



  • Highlight mentions of my nick and release names in chat views (#94)
  • Allow adding context menu items that will open links
  • Allow adding custom chat message text highlights via incoming message hooks
  • Allow adding context menu items that will open a form dialog to request additional information
  • Add new form field types: hinted_user, hub_url and existing_file_path
  • Allow changing various hub settings, such as displaying notify icon on new chat messages and showing joins/parts
  • Add new favorite hub settings (show notify icon on new messages, custom away message, show joins)
  • Allow canceling pending/running filelist refresh tasks

Web Client 2.9.0

  • Require TLS 1.2 or newer version for all encrypted connections after 1st of January 2021
  • SOCKS5: fix secure connections and sending of search results to active users
  • Add full IPv6 support for SOCKS5
  • Fix cases where outgoing search results would not be sent in case of mixed IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
  • Fix a few incorrectly reported connection errors
  • Fix possible crashes when queuing files/directories without a source
  • Viewed files: fix incorrect error messages when adding new files
  • Viewed files: allow viewing temp shared files
  • Private chat: fix CCPM state getting stuck at “Establishing connection” if the connection times out
  • Update hub name in transfer view if the hub to connect through changes
  • Fix issues when changing the hub URL for filelists if a previous filelist download is pending
  • Print the config directory and web resource path when starting the daemon
  • Improve general performance for handling API requests
  • Fix incorrect country information being shown for IP addresses in some cases

  • Hash API: add a method for getting share stats, add paused state, total bytes/files added and the maximum hash speed in the stats, report the number of running hashers correctly, send only the changed properties in the listener
  • Share API: add a method for listing running/queued refresh tasks, add share_refresh_started listener, add return info for refresh methods and allow specifying the refresh priority, add various stats in the refresh completion event
  • Share API: fix possible incorrect share path validation results, add new error codes and improve performance
  • Filesystem API: ensure that the paths supplied for listing directory content are actually directories
  • Fix API access over HTTPS with basic auth (#365)

Web UI 2.9.0

  • Add a new home page widget that lists the latest extension releases
  • Add refresh and hashing status indicator in the sidebar + a hashing progress dialog with pause/resume/stop buttons
  • Remember previous scroll positions for tables, message views and viewed text files (#280)
  • Format magnet links in a user friendly way and allow accessing the file download menu directly from the message view
  • Show notification symbol in the tab title if there is unread information (#289)
  • Allow showing popup notifications on new main chat messages in configured hubs
  • Fix issues with the landscape view on mobile devices (#326)
  • Really fix uploading of files in chat with a proxy server (#364)
  • Implement file selection support for the file browser dialog
  • Use the file browser dialog for selecting a custom download target instead of the embedded file browser tab (also allows the downloaded files to be renamed)
  • Fix favorite hub connectivity options
  • Show a proper error message if the UI has crashed (instead of blank page)
  • Fix possible crashes when opening the UI after it has been suspended
  • Style fixes