Web Client 2.8.0

AirDC++ Web Client 2.8.0 brings various new features (mostly for API/extensions) and reliability improvements.

New API features for extensions

Version 2.8.0 allows extensions or other API consumers to add custom menu items in various different context menus (such as for bundles, search results, filelist items and users). For the full listing of available context menus, please see the API docs.

In addition, extensions may now also validate new shared directories or files and prevent them from being added in share.

The new API features are being used by the latest version of airdcpp-release-validator, which now allows scanning individual share roots from the Share page or the whole share from the extension context menu:

Share root context menu Extension context menu



  • Allow extensions to add UI context menu items

Web Client 2.8.0

  • Improve reliability of API hooks (#338)
  • Add global tracking for file transfers (the latest transfer information for inactive transfers is now available instantly for newly created API sessions)
  • API: add global management for search instances (#340)
  • API: add new validation hooks for newly added files and directories (API docs)
  • API: add new event listeners for chat commands (hub_text_command and private_chat_text_command)
  • Don’t send full filelists when sharing more than 20 million files (filelists larger than 1 GB were previously corrupted)
  • API: mark various connection proxy setting values as optional
  • Web server: enable TLS 1.3 for HTTPS
  • Avoid silent failures if new client certificates can’t be written on disk
  • API: remove null characters from all parsed string values to avoid incorrect application behavior
  • Fix various possible crashes related to user/hub management because of unsafe thread access
  • Hub API: fix a crash when trying to get a user by CID and the user doesn’t exist in the specified hub
  • Filelist API: fix a possible crash when trying to list directory content (#359)
  • Fix cases where items could be incorrectly removed from list view when using filtering
  • Web server: fix random connection failures with HTTP clients that support persistent connections (websocketpp#890)
  • Fix various build warnings

Web UI 2.8.0

  • Add Notepad widget in the home screen (@TXC via PR #11)
  • Connectivity settings: always show manually configured values, show a notification message if the values can be overridden (#343)
  • Preserve the previous search string and additional options during a single session
  • Prevent the UI from getting stuck at the “Connecting to the server” view when the remembered login is rejected
  • Stability and style fixes