Web Client 2.5.1


Web Client 2.5.1

  • Fix hash database migration when using existing settings from another DC++-based client (#298)
  • Fix compilation with Boost 1.69 (#308)

Web UI 2.5.2

  • Fix opening of file browser dialogs in forms
  • Fix issues with opening of main navigation menu on mobile devices
  • Fix possible UI crashes after the session was lost when using the “Remember me” option
  • Fix possible crashes when the socket is being disconnected
  • Fix issues with updates not always being instantly applied to the current view
  • Don’t show encrypted private messaging channel actions for offline users
  • RSS widget: replace the deprecated Yahoo YQL API with a configurable CORS proxy, fixes feed downloads (#305)
  • Improve error handling for HTTP downloads
  • Search view: show the “Result details” menu item also in the user column