Web Client 2.5.0



  • Add support for persistent logins (#186)

Web Client 2.5.0

  • Fix total queue size being counted incorrectly for file bundles on startup (#283)
  • Fixes an issue where file transfer connections weren’t created in some cases when the total download limit was reached
  • Fix failed partial filelist download in NMDC hubs blocking all subsequent filelist downloads from the same user
  • Fix possible crashes after failed filelist downloads
  • Validate paths for queued filelists (fixes crashes)
  • API: fix possible crashes on startup on API initialization
  • Remove existing sessions for users after their permissions/password have been changed (or the account has been deleted)

Web UI 2.5.0

  • Add progressive web app (PWA) support for Android and iOS
  • Disable autofocus for certain input fields on mobile devices (#287)
  • Fix redirections to the section index page when hub/private chat/filelist/file sessions are being accessed with a direct link
  • Fix chat messages being fetched every time when loading the chat view
  • Various style fixes

Web UI 2.5.1

  • Fix reporting of failed login attempts