Web Client 2.4.0



  • Allow setting custom connectivity settings for favorite hubs (#286)

Web Client 2.4.0

  • Various fixes for handling of files that were modified more than 48 years ago (#281)
  • Fix running of extensions when the web server bind address is set to “localhost” (#279)
  • Fix a possible crash when closing NMDC hubs
  • Fix queue source removal on “File not available” in NMDC hubs (#287)
  • Fix active mode detection for own user in NMDC hubs (#249)
  • API: add “language_file” setting
  • API: add methods for getting individual search results and filelist items by ID
  • API: don’t send “null” responses for HTTP requests if there is no data to send
  • API: fix crashes when converting malformed UTF-8 data to JSON (may have happened especially in NMDC hubs)
  • Don’t ignore private messages if there is an open chat session
  • Connectivity auto detection status reporting fixes

Web UI 2.4.0

  • Allow opening sidebar layouts and modals with direct URL
  • Add “Copy magnet link” menu item for files (#278)
  • Show the remaining bytes to hash in sidebar (#257)
  • Add autofocus for certain input fields (#284)
  • Use embedded notifications when the browser tab is focused
  • Add throttling for browser notifications to avoid UI freezes (max 3 notifications within 3 seconds are now being shown)
  • Fix opening of filelist from file search results
  • Fix caching issues for new event log messages
  • Fix incorrect prompts about unsaved changes when editing dialog forms under the Settings section
  • Various other stability improvements and style tweaks