Web Client 2.3.0



  • Remove the setting “Don’t begin new segment if overall file speed is over X”

Web Client 2.3.0

  • Replace the legacy GeoIP IP geolocation library with libmaxminddb (new build dependency)
  • Add hubNI logging parameter for transfers
  • Drop support for compiling with GCC 4.8
  • Fix a possible crash when the hash database is corrupted

Web UI 2.3.0

  • New icons from Font Awesome 5 (via Semantic UI 2.3.0) + new background image
  • Sidebar is no longer being used with the mobile layout
  • Fix table dropdown/popup positioning issues (via Semantic UI 2.3.0)
  • Show favicon even when using custom base path
  • Hubs page: add an info message about using Favorite hubs to connect using custom settings
  • Various style tweaks