Web Client 2.2.0



  • Update the filelist directory and hub to browse it through when trying to open filelist from a user for which a filelist session exists already

Web Client 2.2.0

  • Automatically restart extensions that exited due to a socket timeout (maksis/airdcpp-release-validator#4)
  • Reject filelists containing items with forbidden names
  • Don’t sanitize Windows-specific forbidden characters from local directory/file paths (#246)
  • Report timed out API action hooks
  • Fix API search instances when using basic HTTP authentication
  • Fix disabling of web server protocols from the UI
  • Fix custom web server certificate file paths (#243)
  • Build: add build options to disable libnatpnp and tbb support (@sbraz)
  • Build: fix various deprecation warnings when compiling with GCC 7
  • Drop support for non-UTF-8 system locales
  • Fix the reported file/directory sizes in filelists on certain platforms

Web UI 2.2.0

  • Add proxy settings in the UI
  • Add mentions support (@) in chat message composer (#92)
  • Fix handling of RSS feeds containing items with no title (#245)