Web Client 2.1.0



  • Add an option to disable partial sharing (#237)
  • Really allow ignoring messages regardless of the user levels (#221)

Web Client 2.1.0

  • Portable builds: up to 5x performance improvements with certain operations (#239)
  • Add throttling for failed login attempts and report them in the event log
  • Replace existing remote extensions when an extension with the same ID is being connected
  • Fix a freeze on shutdown when there are connected remote extensions
  • Update the encryption status icon correctly when connecting to new hubs
  • Fix possible deadlocks (mostly likely to happen when stopping extensions)

Web UI 2.1.0

  • Don’t show removal option for the default share profile
  • Determine the bundle content modal table size correctly

Discover extensions

The new airdcpp-message-emailer extension will send email summaries about received private and/or hub messages while you are away. The extension can be installed from the extension catalog setting page.